July 24, 2019


Software Contracting

If you need a piece of code written, be it large or small, we are available for contracting.

We start with an initial free consultation, where we discuss things like the basic requirements of your project, the project scope, as well as what Sitrep would be responsible for, and what your existing team would be responsible for.

This process allows us to better understand whether Sitrep is the right fit for your project, and also if there is enough information to accurately quote the project. Sometimes it turns out that the project specification isn’t clear enough to provide an accurate quote, and if that is the case we will help you determine what more needs to be decided before we could draw up a contract.

Software Consulting

If what you are looking for isn’t as tangible as just a piece of code, and the deliverable is an analysis, software architecture, plan, or some sort of training, then we are talking about consulting.

Sitrep brings vast experience and knowledge to every consulting project. Just like contracting, we start with an initial free consultation to determine whether Sitrep is the right fit, what the scope of the project is, and what some deliverables might look like. Sometimes it turns out that what you need is both guidance and code, and we are happy to provide it.

Contracting Project Varieties

  • Embedded Devices & Software
    • From fully customized Linux environments, including board support packages and custom drivers to low-level microcontroller firmware and bare-metal solutions … whatever “embedded” means to you – we do it. We have deep knowledge of the Linux kernel, assembly language, low level C, and RTOS. We have a strong background in embedded Linux projects such as OpenWRT, Yocto, and Angstrom. We also have developed USB drivers and firmware, custom DSP code (both assembly and C), and other microprocessor firmware. No matter what the embedded project, we have you covered.
    • We provide FPGA services as well.
  • Hardware Design
    • Even with access to the most comprehensive product portfolio in the industry, sometimes you need a true custom embedded computer solution. We offer customization services for off-the-shelf derivatives as well as fully custom single board computers, computer-on-modules, touch panel PCs, and industrial controllers.